Monster Manor

The #DollarTree has produced a #HalloweenGame to promote their store! #HalloweenGames #FlashGames

 What do you get when Halloween Night and the Dollar Store become one? Why Monster Manor of course. Well, not really. But they have at least ciphered up a creepy hidden-object adventure.

 There are five items that go in each ghoulish scene. You must determine where each cryptic object belongs in that room. Hurry as there is only so much time allotted on each course. Plus if you misplace an item your time vanishes into thin air. But not to worry as there is a pause feature for those who are time challenged or have an itchy nose(like me).;) The faster you finish each level, the greater your score.

 I'm impressed with the spooky and zany soundtracking. Like I hinted at above, the challenge is certainly there. Graphics are superbly executed with video-like projection. I give Dollar Tree 5 Thumbs up for a well-done superb Halloween bonanza!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Click Here to enter if you dare!

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