Bleak House

Come #Escape this Bleak house before it makes you go crazy! #HalloweenGames #HauntedGames #HorrorGamesOnce upon a time,

 There lived a Gothic foster child in a rich manor who was despised and looked down upon as nothing more then a worthless stench. All she would get is scraps from the dining-room table. Her lifestyle was hideous to both father and mother. They would go to church and act like good Christians. But when father and mother came home, there was no sympathy for this outcast.

 Their hatred was so great that one night father secretly took an ax and slayed her for daring to steal just a piece of chocolate cake. He then buried her corpse under the living room floor near the kitchen-attempting to disclose his hideous sin. He even attempted to make the sign of the cross to atone for the deed he had just committed.

 As time marched on the family sold the house to a newly-wed couple who no more then three months later moved out because of paranormal activity. Another family tried to settle in but as soon as they started hearing voices, the four of them packed-up and left. Eventually after several attempts, the house was abandoned and then later condemned by city ordinance. It has been left to rot ever since. Neighbors now call it the Bleak House because of it's creepy aura and gruesome history.

 A team of paranormal investigators have commissioned you as a psychic to go check out the forsaken abode to let this child rest in peace. To do so you must find her remains and eradicate them completely to release her tormented soul from that wretched house. However, her foster parents have hidden her skull within the walls. You must find and use all tools at your disposal to free her spirit from the realm of the living.

Bleak House Review

 I was impressed by the soundtracking. But the ending was disappointing(it came abruptly). The gameplay was a bit easy but well worth it. If you are in the Halloween spirit but don't want anything sinister to startle or otherwise jump out at you, then I recommend you try Bleak House!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now play Bleak House Escape!

Note: Due to my personal convictions I wish to stress that this writing in no way endorses a belief in the Occult.


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