Pumpkin Master

See if you can get four pumpkins safely to their destination! #PumpkinGames #FlashGames #Halloween
 Tis the season to grab a batch of pumpkins and carve some wicked Jack-O-Lanterns! Every harvester from across the land is thrilled to find that Halloween is knocking on their door. Weather it be pumpkin juice, pumpkin cookies, or even pumpkin coolatta, these orange squash melons are very in right now.

 Legend has it that a man named Jack tricked the Devil into a trap under a tree. As pay-back, Satan slaughtered him then cursed his spirit to wander to and fro upon the face of the Earth for all eternity. As a precaution, Jack carved-out a lantern made out of squash with a scary looking face to ward off demons. Some even claim that when you view a Will-o'-the-wisp in the night air, they'll say it's really Jack's lost soul aiming listlessly among the peat bogs. The locals dubbed him as the famous Jack-O-Lantern. Or so the story goes.

 But what the tale doesn't mention is that there were not one but 4 unfortunate victims of the supernatural! And they didn't hold turnips forever but were themselves transformed into pumpkin heads. They have been perpetually cursed to wander about the land as Jack-O-Lanterns!

 Introducing Pumpkin Master. A physics-based puzzler brought to you by Bubblebox. You must guide these fellas to the gates of Hell within each course using your mouse as a scepter. Watch out for razor-blades and other malevolent forces at work. Blasting through might sometimes help in hectic situations.

 I am very impressed by this zany spooktacular. Even the Munsters-esque soundtrack will grip you to the spirit of the season. From the eyeballs on the tree to a full moon with fangs, these cartoonish graphics are spooktacularly splendid. If your looking for a good Halloween treat but without the jumpety shrills, then Pumpkin Master is the right selection for you!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Pumpkin Master!

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