Help #Wheely as he embarks on a journey to chase his dreams! #CarGames #AdventureGames #PointAndClick
 In a world of living automobiles. There lived Little oldsmobile named Wheely. Born in a car factory someplace across the Pond. Now stationed in a car lot. Just sitting there with a bunch of his colleges.

 Well just like any other intelligent machine, this little car had dreams and aspirations. He wanted to make a name for himself. To stand out among the rest. To become a legendary racer! But there was only one problem. His maker had other plans for him.

 There was no fulfillment in being a used car. Everyday he felt empty just toasting in the sun upon that furnish lot. Constantly seeing those signs stare down at him-feeling unwanted and alone. Surely there must be a way out of this? Should he go under cover of darkness?

 Indeed! The Pepsi 400 is this weekend. Now Wheely can prove to the world how much he is worth! There's just one hurtle to overcome...Just how will he ever get there?

 And that's where you come in. Take Wheely on an adventure that he'll never forget! He must go though many trials, tribulations, and meet many obstacles before reaching his goal. There are many jealous miserable vehicles out there who will stop at nothing to tarnish Little Wheely's hopes and dreams. Use your omnipresence to guide him safely to his destination.

 Pretty soon he will be reaching puberty. That being said, he just might have a crush on a cute girl. Tune in next time to discover Little Wheely's romantic adventures!

To Be Continued!!!

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Wheely 2 is now up!


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