Terrific Halloween

Dare if you can spot 5 differences in Terrific Halloween! #HalloweenGames #SpotTheDifferenceGames #FlashGames
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 Today's online spooktacular will take us to Terrific Halloween. A point-and-click spot-the-difference brought to you by Denis and Igor! With graphics and inspiration by Konstantin, Yulia, and Nikolay.

 You must search for up to 5 eery differences between cryptic scenes from each course. There is an easy, medium, and hard mode(unlocked until medium is cleared). Try and find them all before the lever is used up below(to score high). To add an extra kick, you can turn off hints at the bottom.

 I thought Terrific Halloween wasn't too bad with it's zany graphics and somewhat dark soundtrack. The gameplay is a bit easy to my taste and does not have that addictive quality in my opinion. But alas, it's another spot-the-difference game to which I submit to you!

Ratings: 3.5 Stars!

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Now play Terrific Halloween!


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