Shuffle Time 2

Doofus has screwed the space-time continuum and needs your help to restore order to the Universe in Shuffle Time 2! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 Apparently doofus has screwed up again. This time he has interfered with eleven different time zones. Like Last Time every one of them has a relic which belongs to a different age.

 As the Universal Timekeeper, Doofus must prove faithful and restore order to the chaos that he has brought forth. But don't expect anyone to just hand you these relics. You must give them something in return. Prehaps a devise suitable for their time period.

 Shuffle Time will engage your mind for 30 minutes. Part two is longer and a bit more challenging. Too bad there wasn't a Roman or Akkadian Empire. However, I think these two games are still eligible for a coffee break.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Click Here to play!


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