Water Village-Holland

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 The Netherlands has just been ransacked by a massive drought of historic proportions. H2O is running out fast. Many ships have been observed aground upon what once was a thriving bay or lake. Cows who once graced the land are now gauntly skeletal. The prime Minister has just mandated that the country's canal system be expanded to allow the North Sea to irrigate the land. Holland's largest river project yet-since the 17th Century. His proposals also include installing machinery to convert salt water into sweet water-a process commonly referred to as reverse osmosis.

 And so the Province of Holland has commissioned you to extract whatever is left of the water supply and furnish the farmers and villagers with the most basic element to life. I'm sure pirates would love to get soaked but try not to drown the villagers. There are many tools at your disposal. You must water the land as fast and efficiently as possible to accumulate a high score. Who knows the pirates might even give you a hand.

Water Village-Holland Review

 As with the other two installments, you will find the same great strategy to the Holland Edition. The main difference in this episode is the music and theme. If you are looking for a 15-30 minute strategy-builder to fart around with, then you might need to allow more time to get used to this!

Ratings:5 Stars!

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