Shuffle Time

Help this dweeb restore order in the Universe in Shuffle Time! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 Scientists have long theorized the possibility of time travel. Whereas it took ages for PH.D's to come up with decent equations. Apparently this geek have figured it all out in 10 seconds! But not without repercussions.

 For this dweeb has created a major paradox! Objects from different eons have mysteriously wound up on other scenes in the tapestry of time. Now he must fix this self-inflicting dilemma to restore order in the universe.

 Introducing "Time Shuffle". A point-and-click adventure produced by Alena Olienik and Nikolay Marchenko. You must find all items from various times and restore them to their proper periods. There are 10 periods in all.

 Will doofes actually save the universe and restore order like he claims? Find out next time on...

Time Shuffle!!!

To Be Continued.

Shuffle Time 2 is now up!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Click Here to play!


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