It's the year 4000 and Y4K has taken place! The world is ruled by robots with no trace of humans left except what they left behind. Come explore the ruins with this robot in BNKR! #AdventureGames #PointAndClick #RobotGames
 It is Y4K, the year 4000. Apparently mankind has gone through some massive apocalyptic extinction. Whoever or whatever wiped out civilization did a heck of a job I'll tell you that!

 However, one of humanity's greatest achievements has managed to live on through the rubble. That is the Android. Formed One Millennia ago, these humanoid robots have thrived off the excess of nuclear power and fossil fuels. From generation to generation our mechanical progenitors would tell us fancy tales of geniuses garbed in flesh and individuality. Soon a legend was born which told of a resurrection or return of the flesh people who once flourished here.

 But that dream has all but vanished as we are now almost at the brink of extinction. Our resources are running dry. Disassembled robots are as numerous as stones. We need your help to continue our very existence upon this terrestrial ball. Use the Mouse to navigate from scene to scene and find a way to retrieve fuel for the survival of our race. The fate of the Cybertrons rests on your shoulders!

To Be Continued!!!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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