Papa's Cupcakeria

#PapaLouie has just opened up a cupcake boutique in town and wants you to open shop for him! #TimeManagementGames #FliplineStudios
 Papa has once again expanded his repertoire into the baking industry. But instead of searching long and hard for clueless teenagers to run his shop, it appears one has already fell into his trap.

 Willow is a 17 year old attractive young lady who totaled Mr. Louie's 200xx! Although she was short on cash, Papa Louie has asked her to run his new shop until she could pay off the dept. Not even her good looks could excuse her from the mess she's made. Forget Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. ast her credit won't be destroyed.

 As previous installments went, you must take peoples orders, cook, and prepare their cupcakes just the way they like 'em. And believe me, aesthetics go along way in producing cupcakes for a living! You will be graded in how well you do each of the 5 standard evaluations. The higher you score, the bigger your tip. You'll also get tickets to play Mr. Foodini's games.

 The money you you can be invested in many upgrades and sucks to make your customers life a whole lot easier. Just to add an extra kick to the challenge a few holidays were thrown in so decorate accordingly when the time comes. Remember the customer is always right.

Papa's Cupcakeria Review

 Other than the slower graphics at times. Flipline has done another finely executed addition to Papa Louie's ever expanding food empire. Just when you thought they had exhausted all their concepts! For a good problem-solving strategy, I highly recommend Papa Louie's Cupcakeria!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

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