Need Water

In this game you must extract oil and water from deep down inside the Earth! #StrategyGames #FlashGames #PointAndClick
 A massive drought of historic proportions has enveloped the land which has reduced our drinking water into a rare commodity. So Hydrosphere has just contracted you to extract from the subterranean depths some precious H2O and irrigate the thirsty landscape.

 In addition, Exxonmobil has asked you to rig a few pools of oil underground. They promise to give you 40% of the profits if you successfully complete the task in front of you.

 At your disposal are some dynamite, a driller, a couple of pumps, and a few bombs to clear away any bedrocks and efficiently plumb the desired substance. Use the mouse to burrow a hole from the source to the pomp. From pump to intake-pipe. Be sure to collect all diamonds to upgrade your arsenal. There are over 20 different levels to explore.

Need Water Review

 Since this is a physics-based puzzler, there will be a bit of mind-bending geometry to hurtle over. But once you get the knack, everything falls into place. Although nothing unprecedented, "Need Water" is another interactive point-and-click that'll give your noodle a good workout.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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