Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera

Join #CactusMcCoy as he goes on another journey through the Western frontier! #FliplineStudios #PlatformingGames
 It appears the curse wasn't that simple. After returning the treasure to it's proper spot. A cowgirl by the name of Windstorm snatches the vessel from your prickly fingers. It appears that she is the last of the surviving tribe of Verados. A Native American tribe from the land of Mexico.

 Legend has it that long ago there lived an ancient city called Calevera. This Mecca held the greatest treasure on Earth. For thousands of years the Verados have guarded this sacred relic with their lives. For within it holds the absolute to sway destiny! This power must not fall into the wrong hands. That's why Windstorm has summoned you: Cactus McCoy to retrieve this mystic Skull and bring it to her so before the the shadow people get their dirty hands on that relic.

 These cursed rebels(disguised as cowboys) have yearned for the Treasure of Skull. For thousands of years they have battled and waged war over it. Now they have come back this last time to destroy the Verados and take over the world. You must restore peace and justice to the West.

 Just like The First One, use the Arrow Keys to move and the A S Keys to jump and attack. There are many weapons at your disposal and other goodies to collect to score more points.

Cactus McCoy 2 Review

 Part 2 takes off from where the last one ended. Pretty much everything is the same concerning execution and graphic style. Although the music is a little different yet in the same genre. I liked the fact there was a little more story involved within the plot. If you enjoyed "The Curse of Thorns" then "The Ruins of Calavera" will definitely intrigue you!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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