Escape the Fortress

In this game you must do all you can to escape the fortress! #RoomEscape #PointAndClick #FlashGames
 It is time to step back into time into a Medieval landscape. Where every kingdom fought hard for it's independence. Chivalry was instilled in the young. And Gothic was as fad as post-modern architecture.

 Well Your Highness has ordered all his knights to defend the upper castle from invading malevolent forces. As a precautionary measure, all doors to the courtyard would be locked with the key safely stashed away. But the only problem is you did not hear the battle cry but were sound asleep within the Barracks.

 In those days, exits were just as essential to unlock as entryways. And so you must solve the riddle the guard has left behind and retrieve the key. After that you can defend the grounds with your fellow Noblemen. I know, you will have to give an account. But it sure beats watching those cold dusty walls of the Fortress!

 The difficulty might be tame for some. But I think others will appreciate the lack of frustration. The soundtrack is appropriate and almost Oriental. Although the gameplay was a bit short and unsophisticated for a middle Age flick. Yet I'm sure it won't be a waste of your 5 precious minutes!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!


Must Escape the Fortress

Click here to play Must Escape the Fortress


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