Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns

Join #CactusMcCoy as he battles his enemies and return the Cactus Emerald to reverse the curse! #PlatformGames #AdventureGames #FliplineStudios
 Legend has it out West that anyone whosoever touches the Cactus Emerald shall himself become a green spiny cacti and then eventually to stone. This Emerald is the envy of all bandits as it's worth is somewhere around $500 million!

 To dissuade any wannabe thieves, a story has been passed down from generation to generation about a cowboy who was cursed for all eternity. Transforming into a cactus, he eventually turned into stone and died. His spirit is said to wander the dessert wilderness at night, weeping in despair. If only he could warn just one soul.

 But that was superstition to Mr. McCoy. "Besides, I could use that dough to run a rodeo house". Unfortunately, The Curse of Thorns was true! And wouldn't ya know it. Mr. McCoy has now become Cactus McCoy! Worse yet, now everyone knows what he did. He is now wanted in every town in the wild west!

 You must help him safely return the Green Emerald back to it's pedestal to reverse the curse. Be careful as the spirits have unleashed their legions on you. In addition to to cops and other jealous fellow bandits! Use the Arrow Keys to move right and left. Press A to jump and S to be on the offensive. Hit down to pick up weapons. Now's your chance to redeem your reputation. Don't blow it!

Cactus McCoy Review

 I was very impressed with the storyline and gameplay. The music exfoliates the spirit of the wild west. The graphics are crisp and well-executed. But most importantly, you will love the comic book touch to the tale. I recommend this to anyone who's into Clint Eastwood!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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