Super Size Mario Brothers

Help this oversized plumber clear through each course in #SuperSizeMarioBrothers! Brought to you by #SuperSizeMe! #Mario #MarioGames #Nintendo
 An epidemic has reached The Mushroom Kingdom! This is no joke. Ever since they've installed a McDonald's in every block(pun intended), the koopas just can't get enough Happy Meals to consume! Now everyone is quite literally a blob! Even Mario can't get enough of those Big Macs. His feet are a distant memory!

 Introducing Clinically Obese SMB! Gameplay is pretty much like it's regular cousin except everything is...well super sized. One good thing about all this is that Mario is immune to everything because of his weight. Until it comes time to rescue the princess(oh dear).

 This game is comical and has a few hilarious moments. I wish there were more gameplay and length to the script. However the comical aspect will make this worth your 5 minutes!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Supersize Mario Brothers!


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