Icy Gifts

Help #Santa battle his former #Helper in Icy Giftts 1 and 2! #ChristmasGames
 Kris Kringle has just been kidnapped by his former employee from under the North Pole. Santa's former helper has driven him into the depths of the Arctic Sea! There, Mr. Clause is frozen and encased within a chunk of thick ice. Ice that cannot be broken without the artillery.

 You must free this jolly old fella from the clutches of this disgruntled brat. By all means, use as much force as you can in the name of Christmas and all that is good! Grab as many coins and presents as possible as this will insure an ample amount of funds for upgrades and such.

 Santa is counting on you tonight. Will you save Christmas as we know it? Or will you let six billion children down this year?

Icy Gifts Review

 I felt the game was a bit too easy for those looking for a challenge. But for anyone just in it for the thrills, I find it quite fascinating and entertaining. With smooth background soundtracking and gourmet graphics, this will at least hold you off til Christmas Day!:)

Ratings: 4.5 Stars for both!

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