Flooded Village-Xmas Eve

Help this brown city recieve some of the white stuff this #ChristmasEve! #ChristmasGames #HolidayGames
 A massive drought has greeted villagers both great and small. Rivers have fallen to record low stages-prompting the Mayor to declare a state of emergency. And now that Christmas is around the corner, a deep freeze has added salt to the wound.

 So now this quaint little Midwestern town has hired you to scour what water is left within the quasars and aquifers and distribute it evenly among the village people. There are even pirates who've lost their way through the dry and barren wilderness of the St Lawrence riverbeds-once teeming with lovely H2O.

 All these inhabitants depend on agriculture and trafficking to carve out a decent living in this hectic maze we call life. It's up to you to give these folks a Merry Christmas they'll never forget!

 Introducing Flooded Village Xmas Eve! A problem-solving strategy very much like it's Cousin. Use your mouse to open channels, burst forth levies, and terraform this thirsty landscape into a frightful Winter wonderland! But as you go about this noble task, be wary of drowning villagers and freezing pirates. For bonus points, freeze the plants to bust forth lovely Christmas Trees. You only have a limited amount of moves per stage. Everyone is counting on you to get the job done!

Flooded Village Xmas Eve Review

 I love the festive background music. And just like it's predecessor, each stage is not too difficult nor too easy. This game is pretty much DIY without the trappings of typical RPG's. If you're searching for a point-and-click strategy with a little Xmas flare, I think you've found it right here!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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