Christmas Mahjong

Who's up for a little round of #Christmas #Mahjong! #ChristmasMahjong #ChristmasGames
 Even though the month did not get started on a chilly note, here is a little something to get you by before Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose.

 Introducing Mahjong Christmas! A solitary Japanese matching card game. Brought to you by Girl Games!

Just like Before, you must match every card that's not tile-locked until all of em disappear. And because it's Christmastide, I'll give you a hint. Start from the outside and work your way in(ooh...I should've kept my mouth shut).

Christmas Mahjong Review

 I felt the difficulty was a wee bit too easy and unchallenging. I wish there were more levels to choose from. But at least there's some Christmas music to boot.:) Overall, if you're into Solitaire Mahjong and the Nutcracker Suit, then I guess I've found a good match for you! Otherwise, it's just an ordinary Mahjong game dressed up for the holiday season.

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Christmas Mahjong!


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