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Help #Santa deliver each #Christmas gift safely before heading back to his sleigh! #SantaGames #ChristmasGames
 It's that time of year again. Santa must awaken from his year long hibernation and deliver those tinker toys(and clumps of coal for the naughty ones) to billions of children-all in one night. He needs all the fats, carbs, and proteins(cookies and milk) he can get to pull this off...

 This year, forget the chimney. Cause Kris is do'n things acrobatic! But he needs your help to set things just right. Right in the nick of time, you need to cut rope and enable Mr. Kringle to swing his way around each living space to fill every Christmas stocking with goodies.

 Feel free to use anything at your disposal to get the job done. But be wary of those pesky Xmas lights as they will leave you entangled in a mess. For an optimum score try and fill every sock without fail.

 The children across all six continents are counting on you. Don't blow it or they'll be many sad faces come Christmas morning.

Christmas Gifts Review

 Other than the unwrapping sound effect(which was a bit weird) I immensely enjoyed the unique challenge this brought. Which was not too easy or hard. If you're looking for a festive physics puzzler over the holidays, "Christmas Gifts" will at least give you a head start!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Christmas Gifts!


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