Mee Ke Find Kitty

Come Journey along with a little boy as he rescues his little kitten. Flash Games, Online Games, Point And Click Games
Mee Ke Find Kitty
 Grandma had the most adorable kitten she could get her hands on. From morning til evening he was her pride and joy-as if the feline was her very own child.

 But one day...Bam! the cat went missing. So she called Mee Ke(a well-respected neighbor) to help seek out her long lost kitty. Unbeknowing to her, this would be Mee ke's most daring adventure yet-full of discovery!

 Basically all you do is remove any obstacle in your way and move on to the next scene. There is quite a few clues to unravel in each scene. Your main objective is to find Grandma Jasmine's cat and bring it to her without a scratch.

Mee Ke Find Kitty Review

 I loved the background music and cartoonish graphics. But I was a bit irritated by that cat constantly meowing and had to turn the volume down a notch. Otherwise Mee Ke Find Kitty is another well-made production from the flash game arena!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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