Help one bear rewint time itself to stop one #Witch from wreaking havack upon a small town! HalloweenGames #WitchGames
 It was a cool dim October evening. You know, the type where it looks stormy but no tempest is brewing. A pack of forest dwellers have thrown an anniversary party for the town. Everything goes as planned. Cake...confetti...dancing. Until an intruder showed up uninvited.

 The abominable Witch of the Forest has placed many animals under her evil spell and it's up to one bear to save the enchanted forest from her evil clutches. Will you help this little fella out-in retrospect?

 Use that sturdy old mouse to point-and-click your way though the plot. Frontier and ingenious methods will drag you along quite well.

 I enjoyed the eery atmosphere and suspenseful background music. But what stands out the most is the backwards plot. Playing every scene from end to start! That alone is a winner in my book!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play REW!


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