Caila Ravan and the Black Book

Help Ceila Raven fight the forces of evil as a good witch! #Halloween #HalloweenGames #PointAndClick
 Caila is a descendant of the Order of the Oracle. An ancient pack of good witches who protected the town of Cybele from the clutches of evil and foretold many hidden mysteries. Long ago, they cast a spell to keep these malicious forces at bay. But it was only for a season.

 For many years Caila's grandmother could sense it. The Oracle's spell was eroding and it was nigh time to teach her the old ways of magic. So the old lady took this attractive young apprentice under her wing to guide Caila in the ways of witchcraft. Although she enjoys the lectures immensely, little did she conceive of the evils lurking beyond.

 From times immemorial, The spirits of the enchanted Forest have kept watch over the Black Book. A book brimming with a multitude of incantations promising unlimited power to the one who obtained it. Which is why many dark spirits attempted to trespass to no avail.

 Now you must help young Caila Raven conjure the right spell to gain access unto the lucid forest and retrieve that ancient manuscript. Your mouse will come in handy to collect items, store them into your inventory, and combine them to make stuff happen. The fate of Cybele nay the world rests upon her shoulders!

Caila Raven Review

 I particularly enjoyed the interaction and especially the storyline. The ending is quite touching. If you don't mind having a conversation with decapitated skulls, giant arachnids, and ancient groves, then this game will give you a brief thrill!

Click Here to play the game if you dare!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


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