Purple Planet

Come discover an alien civilization on the moon Rhea circling around it's planet Cybele in the closest exosolar system to Earth! #RobotGames #AdventureGames #PointAndClick
 Scientists have just made a breakthrough discovery. We've just discovered an Earth-like planet perfect to inhabit!

 Our closest star belt harbors a planet twice the size of Jupiter. This exoplanet holds an atmospheric moon exactly the size of Earth. They've dubbed it Rhea and it's parent Planet Cybele. Based on all available measurements, experts have extrapolated that the atmosphere of Rhea is breathable, contains a purple sky from it's viewpoint, and most likely fosters life of some kind.

 Just in the nick of time, our government had just figured out a way to harness the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle. Enabling us to travel at the speed of light. They've discovered that our solar system also harnesses a triangular vortex midway between Earth and Mars!

 That's why NASA has commissioned you and your dog to investigate this purple planet and get to the bottom of life's most perplexing question. Are we alone in the Universe?

 So within a blink of an eye you land your craft upon Rhea's surface-blooming with alien plant-life of all varieties. In one moment of ecstasy, you claim this planet in the name of ...Crash(you fall through a sinkhole)!!!

 Upon awakening, you find yourself lost in some ones house. Could it be??? Intelligence! Intelligent sentient beings!!! Find out the rest of this tale on the adventure Purple Planet!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Purple Planet!


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