Dark Ride Escape

Your Fellow Employees have locked you out in for the night! Now you must find a way out before broad daylight! #HalloweenGames
 On a cool foggy evening Josh and his friends have opted to go uptown to check out the all new Dark Ride Escape. It was Friday and the weekend was still fresh. Halloween was just a week from sight. The slight crisp to the Autumn air has awaken an aching for the crypt.

 The ride was just 5 bucks a person. So why not. Besides, there's plenty of goodies to buy in this small quaint town. However, little did he know the ride would break-down on him after 11.

 The lady at the booth was tired and wanted to go home early. She locked up as soon as the last car turned the curve(but forgot to shut off the controls). Yet Josh was stuck in the center of the ride. His friends went home thinking he got up and farted around with the wired animatronics. Being all alone, he must find a way to escape this cheap haunted house.

Dark Ride Escape Review

 Although nothing extraordinary, I find this game quite amusing and well-thought out(except it was too short). The music and sound effects might get annoying but there's always the option of turning it off.

 Click Here to play and use a walkthrough in case you get stuck!


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