Solitary Mahjong

Try your hand at a little Mahjong 247!
 Everyone's heard of Mahjong. Perhaps the Eastern equivalent of Go Fish, Solitaire and Rummy. No? Well, alright then. Here's something that'll get your memory juices flowing.

 There are 144 tiles built up in four columns of various exquisite layouts. You must extrapolate a matching pairs with each one. You can only pair a tile exposed from the left or right. Meaning no luck from land-locked tiles. If you find a clone for each card, you win. For optimum score, try to accomplish the game quickly and seek out the best matches!

Mahjong 247 Review

 On this site we have dragons, fortresses, and even Halloween and Christmas editions! Difficulty is relatively challenging yet straightforward. With smooth Asian background music and running water to simplify those thoughts. Mahjong Solitaire is highly addictive but not quite the tetris effect. Well, for me it is. But that's another story.;) Come see what China has to offer!

Play Mahjong 247!

Here's a Christmas Version!


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