Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

Join these two rascals as they solve another odd case in the #MysteryShack! #GravityFalls #DisneyGames
 Gravity Falls is a new series that premiered around July 4th. Which is centered around the adventures of two adolescent children up in the mountains of Oregon.

 Well this time their parents have sent them once more to Gravity Falls for a summer camp retreat. Grunkle Stan was nice enough to offer a place to stay in his Mystery Shack-but up in the attic.

 One night while closing shop for the weekend, Stan forgot to leave these two kiddos a key to get out. So now you must aid them in escaping this mystical shoby shack in the middle of nowhere!

 You can either play from the perspective of Digger or Mable. There are many secret codes to discover(to uncover a prize at game's end). Grunkle is known to hide his keys in mysterious places. So perhaps browsing through his various gadgets hewn around his shack will unearth a few clues.

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Mystery Review

 The game is built on an interesting concept and is more of an escape then a pure point-and-click adventure. However, it's a bit too short to my liking as I feel a few more rooms and perhaps a couple of backyard scenes would have done this game more justice. Otherwise, for all you Gravity Fall freaks, I think you'll enjoy hangin' around with Digger and Mable for a few moments!

ratings: 4.0 Stars!

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