Droid Land

Help Semees The robot create new life out of inanimate objects! #RobotGames #AdventureGames #PointAndClickLong ago,

 Among the primordial waters of what we today call Earth. There lived a highly sophisticated race of bots. These androids were obliterated by a quantum bomb 20 times the magnitude of Hiroshima! Civilization was left in a pile of rubble.

 However, a handful of scientists escaped the wrath of Quantum247 and hid 30 miles underground. But when they emerged, the whole landscape was littered with robo junk and hunkered-down animatronics. "All was lost" said the robots. And so one by one they all committed suicide-all except for one.

 For the next two years Semees then worked on a new experiment. His goal was to generate biological life out of inanimate objects. Many of his colleges thought he was insane in times past. But now he needs your help in proving them wrong!

 Grab that trusty ol' mouse and try to stitch together his project and see what happens. Grab a few stars along the way to unravel a prize at game's end. Perhaps after reviving these scientists back to life, he'll finally get the acclaim he deserves.

 I was a bit disappointed in the gameplay and storyline. I was hoping for at least a couple more scenes and puzzles to unravel . Even the difficulty was a wee bit on the easy side. But other then those two blurbs, Droid Land has an interesting atmosphere to get immersed!

[Note: this in no way endorses the hypothesis of life evolving out of nothing]

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Droid Land Walkthrough!

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