Acorn Story

Join this little boy as he embarks on a journey through the Summertime forest and sows a golden acorn!
Once upon a time,

 There lived a little boy who dwelled within the forest. That rich canopy brimming with life! The Owl, the Firefly, the Cricket, and the Bumble Bee all performed their choruses in the tapestry of life. On a warm Summer's night, deep in the backwoods.

 The little boy was so mesmerized by God's handiwork, that he planted a tree from a golden acorn found while exploring the river banks-springing forth with lush vegetation on either side. All in-tuned to nature's harmony! This tree was so enchanted, magical acorns would hatch upon it's firs in season!

 But one day, that little boy found what appeared to be an opening in the midst of that tree. This portal of sorts led to an otherworldly lodge. However, A few acorns have gone missing. The shining acorns are what gave this forest zest! Consequently, the foliage has lost some of it's luster and is slowly but surely ebbing away.

 This is your journey of a lifetime. Help this kid barrel though subterranean clefts and tunnels to seek out the golden acorn that will restore this enchanted forest back to it's pristine glory!

Review of Acorn Story

 Acorn Story is a well-thought out and executed game. It's animation is awe-inspiring. The graphics and sound-effects cause you to appreciate the outdoors. There's a classical piano playing soothingly in the background. All in all, a wonderful choice if you're into the simple things in life!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Acorn Story!


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