Papa's Wingeria

Papa has now opened his very own BBQ joint named Papa's Wingeria! #PapaLouie #TimeManagementGames #FlashGames
 Papa sure holds a lot of tricks up his sleeve! Apparently Ed McMahon(or so you thought) showed-up on your doormat with an all-expense-paid trip to Los Vegas, NV! Upon arrival, your eyes immediately spot a bonanza slot-machine! Savouring the moment, you pull the lever back. Let's see...

1 Banana

2 Bananas

3 Bananas

You Win!!!!!

 A surge of adrenaline gushes through your veins as Ed comes out from hiding to reveal his true identity. First he shouts "you've won $200,000 for a new restaurant right here in Sin City!!!" By then, you were a bit disappointed but nothing will compare to the atrocity which will unfold.

 Mr. McMahon removed his disguise to disclose his true identity(wait for it)---Papa Louie!!! Total shock and disgust is written all over your face! With a smirk on his cheek, he hands you the keys. After all the hoopla, Papa expects you to take charge off his new establishment in his ever-expanding empire! Only this time, you'll be tossing Buffalo wings.

Papa Louie: Wingeria

 Just like previous installations, this is a one-band-man concert. The ordering, frying, saucing, built-a-platter stations are all under your oversight. You must batch up the meanest wings on the block! Executing each order as prescribed. Be sure to leverage your profits wisely-buying extra furniture to spruce up the joint or even spare a few minute to go gambling.

 One new feature of this installment enables you to tweak your character's physique anyway you see fit. It kinda makes you wonder hmmm...What will he think of next? Kraberia? Say it ain't so(No wait, that's for Spongebob)!

Ratings 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Wingeria!


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