Fancy Pants Adventures 3

Help #FancyPants rescue his sister from peril! #PlatformingGames #AdventureGames
 Coming from the imagination of Brad Borne is another acrobatic-churning Fancy Pants Adventure! But this time a bunch of misfits from the seven seas have kidnapped your little sister(Cutie Pants) and made her queen of the docking ship. Giving her manicures, pedicures, and even top-notch 3-course meals and sleeping quarters! Can't you believe she has the nerve to tell you to get lost(well yeah, maybe a little)!

 Well, the king has summoned you from Squigglyville to go fight these thugs hands-on, ambush their flag ship, and reserve the booty for the king. Yes that means getting off the easy chair and bouncing your way through numerous hills and valley loops and trampolines-Knocking many baddies off the platform!

 Toggle the Arrow Keys to run/walk, S to jump, A to assault, and down/sideways(Arrow Keys) to do the slide attack! Grab as many squiggly balls as possible.

 Your king awaits you. Will you let him down or give him cause to lavish much praise on you?

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ratings 5 Stars!

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For behind-the-scene outtakes, check This out!


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