Papa Louie's Pancakeria

Mr. Louie is in the lumberjack business with Papa's Pancakeria! #PapaLouie #TimeManagementGames #FliplineStudios Top of the mornin to ya mate! So it seems Papa Louie has left you stranded in his new establishment someplace up in the Rockies. Why, you've found your lost little Poodles chained to a street-lamp...with a note attached to one of their collars...

Dear Mr/Miss_______,

"I've found your dog roaming the streets last night, so I brought him with me to my new restaurant and called you on over on your vacation.

P.S. While I am gone, please do me a favor and run this shop before I get back next month".


Papa Louie

 So not only are your vacation plans ruined but now you must keep this silver dollar joint running smoothly! So It appears Mickey Mouse won't be seeing you anytime soon.

 Oh and did I mention his new resturant will be dubbed "Papa's Pankakeria"? Yep, a little IHOP competition wouldn't hurt. Especially around the mountains where breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

 As usual, Papa has a lot of loyal customers scattered about the U.S.A. And Wyoming is no different. Be sure to only serve the best from grill to plate. Like before, there are upgrades and trinkets to purchase and dress up the place. But unlike Freezeria, there is a casino in town to spent your surplus on prizes and other extra goodies! I know it will cost you your vacation. But hey, at least you'll get promoted(hopefully).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Papa's Pancakeria!


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