Flooded Village

Help these pirates out with a little H2O to fetch! #StrategyGames #FloodedVillage #FlashGames
Ahoy there matey!!!

 "I may not have me a pot of gold. Yet I have a peculiar mission for ye my boy. Ye see, Baboon village is all parched up. Not me once have I surveyed such a thirsty land with trees beggin for bloody mercy. Those darn city folk have ruined arr way of life.

 I want ye to frustrate these vagabonds and extort the river back to it's rightful place so these trees can lap up some fresh water! If ye are faithful, I will grant thee 7,000,000 shillings. Now nevermind where I got all me money. Just do it my boy. May the god's smile upon thee".

Signed by Captain Arrg!!!!!

 "P.S. I almost forgot, let thy mouse do all thee work. Watch out for those pesky pedestrians. We wouldn't want another battle on our hands now would we? All I ask is what's rightfully mine to be bestowed upon mother Earth. Around here we live by our own rules! Every criminal in me book gets his just reward. The end justifies the means. Now go loot me some water"!

Ratings 5 Stars!

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