Papa's Freezeria

Help Papa Louie launch his Freezeria on a tropical island! #PapaLouie #TimeManagementGames #FliplineStudios
 Well, it appears Papa has opened up shop upon a lush tropical island somewhere in the Pacific. But this time he'll be mixing up a batch of treats-freeza style! Welcome to Papa Louie's Freezeria-Home of the best hand-dipped sundaes anywhere!

 As with any time management installment, just remember the customer is always right. Your best bet is to serve them as quickly and efficiently as possible-while wearing a smile on your face. Especially if you want that tip jar full.

Just be wary of those food critics who have the power to make or break your boss's establishment!

 The object is to create each ice cream sundae exactly as the customer ordered. There are four stages on developing your sundae-#1 Order Station #2 Build Station #3 Mixstation #4 Topping Station. The goal is to let your client give you a high score within each department. There are even upgrades and such to purchase and spice up the joint.

 Again, Mr. Louie is counting on you to manage his ice cream shop hand and foot. Don't give him any excuses to downsize his employment. Trust me, it ain't pretty!

Papa's Freezeria Review

 As with all past installments, Flipline Studios has done a stupendous job in delivering another classic subset of Papa Louie's ever expanding restaurant empire! His brand is fast becoming a favorite among online gamers like myself. I am happy to say that Freezeria gets a 5 out of a five on my scale!

Ratings 5 Stars!

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Now play Papa's Freezeria!


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