Where Is 2012?

Help this #Gnome find this elusive 2012! #NewYearsGames #YewYearsHGames
 The ball has landed in times square. Champagne bottles have been opened. Everyone had rung in the New Year with quite a bang! All except this one little fella who's lost his way treading through the forest of time.

 Yep...One of Santa's little elves has strayed from the fold and is trapped within a space-time continuum. You must help this poor midget find the new year or else be forever wondering through the corridors of 2011-perpetually reliving what has already been!

 There are switches to flip, wreaths to turn, and riddles to solve. Be sure to guide Kris Kringle's little helper to 2012 or else he'll never see Santa again!

 Other than a runaway control gimmick, Mateusz Skutnik has created another signature piece! Filled with Mat-esque sound-effects and homemade artwork!

Ratings: 5 Stars!


Play Where Is 2012?!

Note: Where Is 2013? is now up!

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