4 stocking stuffers to get you by this #Christmas! #ChristmasGames #FlashGames
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 Christmas is just around the corner and have I got a few stocking-fillers to hand out! You see, I am what they call Santa's little side-kick and whatever's left behind in the toy factory, I give away on Christmas Day.

#1 Santa's Helpers

Here is a good #Christmas #PointAndClick #RoomEscape by #Timefall!
 First off, we find a wholesome, cozy, little room-escape by none other than my fellow co-workers. Who've been captured by Xmas carnivores and locked in a cabin within the boreal forest. They(Santa's delegates) must find a way out of this deceptive trap before the owner's get home and eat them over a Yuletide feast!

Play Santa's Helpers!

#2 Escape From Room 204

This #Christmas, you must escape dorm room 204! #ChristmasGames #RoomEscape
 Next off, we have another escape flick. This time in a college dorm-room over Christmas Vacation! Apparently, you've slept in much too long. All your friends went home for the Holidays on December 22nd. But it is now Christmas Eve and the Janitor has locked you in(by what they're paying him, it's no wonder why he doesn't bother to look)! Find a way out and get yourself home(before Christmas Day)!

Play Escape From Room 204

#3 Hide Snowman

Here is a Hide Snowman which is very reminiscent of #CoverOrange! #XmasGames #StrategyGames
 Well well, it appears Santa has a little soft spot for snowmen. Especially the ones on the brink of melting in North America. As the title indicates, you must hide Frosty from the onslaught of Mr. Miser's furnace. Tell him to go shove his 101 down somebody else's throat!

 Gameplay is very akin to Cover Orangeonly in a Winter Wonderland. Just find a clever way to cover the snowman from the rain of terror!

Play Hide Snowman!

#4 Christmas Escape

Here's Christmas Escape from #Japan! Sadly now defunkt! #ChristmasGames #HolidayGames
 Here's a little escape-the-room-gadget hailing from the other side of the world. Apparently, someone has kidnapped you in their cozy cottage and left you to sort things out. As always, escaping is the wise thing to do.

(Sad to say this game no longer exists. To make it up, here's Christmas Mini Room Escape!)

That is all I could find in my stocking. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


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