Awesome Tanks

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 Batter-up the hatches! Congress has just declared war! Only of a different kind. One that is unprecedented in all of human history. Which was just bound to happen as our missiles just kept getting...Well you know, bigger.

 Our machines have developed a mind of their own. They have about had it with our petty differences and mortal combats. Upon reviewing our history as the human race, all these RC tanks have mobilized a universal attack upon all world powers. It was inevitable. Our weapons have turned against us. However, there was a tanker who thought otherwise.

 While the rest only saw misery and destruction, RC 247 looked beyond the dilemma and perceived there was potential. Although mankind has committed much harm to one another, they've also done much good to the world. But the other RC's would have none of that. they threw 247 out of the assembly and banished him indefinitely. So he had no choice but to warn the nations of a coming onslaught!

 For the first time, the Earth became as one despite their differences. Together they commissioned RC 247 as their commander and chief. His main objective was to bring a surprise attack upon their own hidden fortress way out in the Gobi Desert. But he needs your help. Are you up for the task?

 Introducing Awesome Tanks! A first-person shooter brought to you by Dino Games! You must barrel through fifteen courses of non-stop shooter action! Your mouse is the trigger that'll detonate your ammo. Collect as much booty as possible to raise funds for even greater weapons of mass destruction. Just watch your ammo and health meters as after all, you're not invincible despite being a machine.

Awesome Tanks Review

 This game is excellent for those who are looking for PG-7 material that's not wimpy. You know that old Kiks commercial, "kid tested, mother approved"(for the most part)? Well that about sums it up.

 However, an introductory tutorial to get the touch and feel would have been nice as it takes a bit to get used to. But overall, you will find Awesome Tanks pretty addictive to your enjoyment! Other than an improved soundtrack, part 2 is more of the same!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars on Both!

Play Awesome Tanks!

Click Here to check out part two!


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