Sugar Sugar, The Christmas Special!

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 Oh no...What is there to do when it rains acid saccharine? You know, that bitter-sweet little crystal you buy at the supermarket? The diet-coke of sugar...Otherwise known as an artificially-lame composite...Yuck!! Well, I've got good news for ya. Tonight, you get to keep your white sugar!

 The folks who've made Sugar Sugar have just installed a Holiday Edition to get us into the Xmas spirit dubbed "The Christmas Special". Basically what you must do is, harness the inflow of sugar falling from the letter R and direct each granule into it's specified cup.

 How the heck(might you ask) are we to do that? Easy! Just use your mouse to draw lines or pathways toward those containers. Each mug needs 100 grains of sugar. Some require color-coding. Others require more craft to get from point A to point B. If you goof up, there's always the redo button. Good luck and may the sugar-plums smile upon you!

Sugar Sugar Christmas Special Review

 The graphics and soundtracking have been updated to insert a more seasonal flair to them. With festive sleigh-bells and synthetic rhythmic beats! Otherwise expect the same old great sugary animation from Bonte!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Sugar Sugar, the Christmas Special!


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