Not To Scale

 Puzzles are amazing things. Ever since their inception by John Spilsbury, no one could get enough of them. In order to bait more customers, the newspaper soon enough engrafted this art of logic into their subscription bases. The magazine then caught on right away.

Check out this amazing #PuzzleGame I found called Not To Scale! #StrategyGames #FlashGames Just what is it that fascinates us with these problem-solving gimmicks? Is it our sense of accomplishment. Or would have to do with our sense of pride? Or just maybe the satisfaction of figuring out the world about us?

 Whatever the reason "Not To Scale" is sure to satiate each motive! Just sit back and let the music move those brain cells to unscramble each scene set before you. And do trust me when I say it gets tougher after awhile! Just hang in there, the solution could be right under your nose!

 With some life-like graphics and an outstanding orchestra, this pixilated work of art is sure to not only woo you but make you think! Despite it's challenging premise, I'm sure everyone will eventually come around to it!

But for now, go your way and play "Not To Scale"!


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