Within a pile of rocks lies the secrets of the Universe! Come embark on a journey with Cairn! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
Way out within a distant land. Lay a pile of rocks.

 No one knows where they came from. Or who put them there. However, one thing has been painstakingly passed down through each generation.

 "Those brave enough to venture forth into the abyss hath never returned to tell the tale."

Ye mortal are one of the last to fool-heartedly venture unto our midst. Se if ye can solve all the riddles littered amongst the crossroads of our Multiverse. Myriads of souls hath journeyed in vain without so much an answer to their question nor hath they found any glimmer of hope. Will ye overcome this obstacle or join your ancestors in death? Just another voice crying from within the bowels of the Earth.

Remember these words well my mortal. "The doorway opens only to the one wise enough to unlock it's secrets".

Play Cairn!

Note: Due to my personal convictions I wish to stress this does Not endorse a belief in the occult!


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