The Book of Living Magic

Join #RavenLocks as she embarks on an unforgettable journey to fulfill her true destiny! #InteractiveNarrative #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 Within each one of us lies an enchanted tale just yearning to be interpreted. A heart full of boisterous stories and unedited narrations. But who is going to obtain the key to unlock it's secrets?

 That my friend, is left for you to decide. The proceeding pages are in your hands to mold as you see fit. But remember one thing.

"Adventure lies within reach. To those who shrinketh not to seek it".

 Indeed, an adventure awaits within the foothills of your mind. Will you stand boldly and soundly defeat the demons of conformity? Or will you succumb to the Sorceress of self-deception and wallop in the mud of mediocrity. The choice is yours!

If you choose the former, then go and decipher The Book of Living Magic!

Review to the Book of Living Magic

 The creative Jazzy soundtrack definitely adds flare to an already creative tale. As you've already guessed, this flash game has a lot of story and dialog. All about a girl who embarks on a quest to follow her dreams despite everyone bringing her down! She will not let society cast her into it's predetermined mold! She will break down these walls of dullness and follow her imagination and thus mold her own destiny! If you're looking for an online game rich in metaphor and symbolism, then "The Book of Living Magic" will certainly squelch that ache!

Ratings: 5 Stars(and then some)!

Join her in The Book of Living Magic!


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