You must comfort your beloved wife before you can cross-over in Grey! #ValentineGames #AdventureGames #PlatformGames
 "Thou hast verily breathed thy last. But thou mudst make amends before being weighed worthy to pass the great gulf set between heav'n and Earth.

 See thy grieving damsel upon the rolling platforms of Zofar? Surly thou knowest the plight of her soul?

 Ye shall surely bind up the wounds upon her heart. For her tears of agony hath reached all the way up unto the Pearly Gates. For of thee a wife hath been bestowed. And unto her shall burdens be lifted from her bosom.

 Ye hath only 1 watch of the night to tarry about thy business. Thou shalt gather 5 possessions dear unto her heart. Of which shouldest stimulate her mind with fond memories. Do this and ye shall be greatly rewarded a hundredfold! If thou donst do what I ask thee. Then ye shalt surely wander to and fro upon the face of the Earth for all eternity. For no unclean thing shall ever enter the Gates of Paradise".

 As he said, you must comfort your bereaved wife by searching for fond items from the four corners of the Earth. Weather it be the tallest skyscrapers, the urban shores, or even the place of the dead, 5 objects of sentimental value must be brought over to her attention so you can cross-over. All you'll need is the Arrow Keys to jump and maneuver about.

Grey Review

 Kevin McGrath has done a great job pulling together a tranquil #platformer with an interesting plot to boot. The music is very Classical upon piano. This is more of an unfolding storyline than a traditional game. There are no complaints coming from me. If you're searching for a 2D platformer with a subjective plot, look no further than Grey!

[Note: This narrative on my blog does not reflect my personal views concerning the afterlife.]

Click here to Play Grey!


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