Deep and Blue

Come immerse yourself under the sea in an unforgettable adventure in Deep and Blue! #AdventureGames #FishGames #FlashGames
 Take a journey with Willy unto the depths of the sea. Broaden your horizons and discover new secrets hidden from those who dwell upon the land. Chart the crags of the ocean. Canvas the valleys of the seas. Make full sway upon the abyss of the "Deep And Blue"!

 A point-and-click adventure brought to you by! You must search high and low for your long lost love. Trapped among the clutches of vile men. Poachers of the sea. They'd give an arm and a leg just for one of these submarine cows!

 Here there is no worry. So long as love compels and seizes your soul, anything is possible! Even the most bold and daring of tasks.

 Just use your mouse to unfold the story-page by page. Click to see what happens. But I must warn ya. Some ends are just not meant to be. Rather than getting swallowed by an Octopus, read the signs and follow the clues. They'll take you where you need to be.

Deep and Blue Review

 What can I say. The outcome(narration) was terrific. The graphics were just what you'd expect. With a very soothing soundtrack that embellishes a tale in it's own right. Clearly, Beep and Blue will not disappoint by any means!

Play Deep and Blue!


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