Come play this #2Dplatformer #FlashGame 100th! #RetroGames
 Who ever thought helium could be so tough? Beats me. Especially as you press X on a sore thumb!

 Well, in this little game called 100th, you must stick with this balloon-fellow like two peas in a pod. A simple and pretty straight-forward platformer developed by Doeqen.

 Using the arrow Keys to hop and maneuver about, you must trek your way though logs and obstacles before facing your pain-in-the-neck nemesis.

 It indeed was a thorn-in-the-flesh jumping from platform to platform while keeping a strain on that old X. But aside from that, 100th is built upon a simple concept clothed in a retrospective environment! Personally, I'd give this a 3.9

Rattings: 3.9 Stars!

Play 100th!


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