Help this guy escape this dimension and get back to reality! #PlatformGame #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 It was 6:40 one ordinary morning. The bus was running a little late. Due to anomalously thick fog. Everything was as it should be. Other then this strange puddle on the sidewalk.

 Strange thing is it hasn't rained recently. Your girlfriend slips off her shoe and dips her toe in this substance. Even more creepy...It glows! After clowning around with her and her sneaker, you accidentally land on the puddle-falling through to a whole new dimension!

Introducing Warp-a platform adventure by Granitegear! You must traverse through 30 levels in order to escape. Watch out for malevolent Casper's and booby traps. Try and aim for the highest score.

Warp Review

 This game is designed fairly well with good background music. The difficulty increases toward the end. And if you finish all 30 platforms, you'll get to unlock new levels that amateurs have created.

 Hopefully you'll get back to the real world and give your girlfriend back her Canvas Shoe like in Cinderella.;)

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Warp!


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