Dibbles: For the Greater Good

You must help these simpletones safely escort the king to his destination in this #ThirdPerson #Platformer! #AdventureGames
 Every apple you chuck away becomes a feast for those little buggers. You know, creepy critters who make kingdoms out of almost anything. And Dibbles are no different either. Though much dumber.

 Ya see, they don't inhabit to munch. But only to dwell. Just like humans, they get sick of one joint and move on to the next. But unlike us pesky sapiens they sacrifice for the common nay greater good! Even willing to extinguish themselves all in the name of the king.

 Introducing Dibbles: For the Greater Good. A Nitromish drag-and-drop piece by Sarah, Carl, and Jim. With outstanding music and fabulous graphics.

 These little fellas need a little help on the way. without any directions they'll wonder into oblivion. So in the third-person you must play God and give them inscriptions to perform for the common good. Remember it's all for the King(don't give him any inscriptions, he's too busy looking great)! There are 32 levels in all. Try to keep most of them unscathed-earning more points.

As they say all for one. One for all!

Play Dibbles, For the Greater Good!


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