Snail Bob

Go on a journey with #SnailBob in search of Laketopia! #AdventureGames #PointAndClick
 Meet our little Gastropod. Bob that is. And he needs your help! You see, this snail has been looking for a home in all the wrong places. You must guide him through the rubble of urban sprawl to reach Laketopia. Because(in his mind) that's the only way to get there.

 There will be plenty of haphazards to go around-wire exposure, faltering platforms, and even bottomless pits and lava droplets! On a side note, you might get a kick to his reactions.;)

 There are 20 levels in all. With just enough difficulty to exercise without throwing in the towel. The music is fairly charming(there's always mute when you want it to stop) and the whole design and layout was well done! And with a cute little storyline I might add. Stay tuned for part two!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Play Snail Bob!

Snail Bob 2 is now up!


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