Snail Bob 2

Help #SnailBob fetch a present for his grampa on his birthday! #PointAndClick #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 After pitching a tent along some river, this guy has just realized his grandpa's birthday is coming up! With no present to give him and no easy way to get there, What does that mean? Yes, another adventure for the likes of Snail Bob! He must find something quick and deliver it to him on snail-shell.

 This time around, he'll be contending with some carnivores and a few wanna-be neighbors. You must manipulate his surroundings in such a way as to get this Gastropod to his destination.

 There are 24 levels in all. With much more background and interactivity. Again the difficulty is just right and the storyline is just fantastic! Even the music has a different flavor to it. In all, a vast improvement from Part 1!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Snail Bob 2!


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