Help rescue a bunch of scientists trapped deep within the Earth! #RetroGames #PlatformGames #AdventureGames
 The president has just authorized you to rescue 33 missing archaeologists. As part of the assignment, he wants you to query beneath Earth's crust and get these scientists back to the surface(don't ask me how they got there).

 Be prepared to meet your share of bats, scorpions, and lava pits(I mean that literally not as a euphemism)! But luckily you've got unlimited lives(and bombs) at your disposal.

 There are secret tunnels to survey, loose rock to plunder, combination codes to break, and doorways to open. Use the Arrow keys to move about and the Spacebar to set off bombs.

 I have a feeling we're not in the right cavern but let's not get sidetracked. We're on a mission from the Commander and Chief!

To Be Continued...

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Maxploder!


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