Silly Sausage

Come check out #Nitromes old-school #FlashGame Silly Sausage! #RetroGames
 You know that whenever I mention old-school, Nitrome always has something to offer. Well in this case, we have a puppy who can bend the laws of physics.

 Meet Silly Sausage. A dog with such elasticity block-sticking techniques, one can only envy him. A mutt no one owns.

 There are 30 levels in all. You must use the Arrow Keys to guide this canine through thick and thin. Watch out for many menacing obstacles along the way. Try to accumulate as much treasure as possible.

Silly Sausage Review

 I am very satisfied to say that Nitrome has served up a mean dish of retrospective interactivity(don't they always)! From the nostalgic background sound to it's state-of-the-art graphics, no wonder Nitrome is ahead of the pack!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Silly Sausage!


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