Necromancer's Book

Come along on a cryptid quest to find the book of Necromancy! #HalloweenGames #HorrorGames #SpookyGames Tonight calls for a cryptic kind of introduction. On a stormy late October night. Upon a hill where a castle lays crafted unto Gothic architecture.

 Legend has it a spirit of a witch resides within the corridors of this ancient abode. One who has had her share of communing with the dead. A Necromancer who paid dearly for her curiosity. And so her soul wonders to and fro upon the cold dark recesses of her dwelling place.

 In a spirit of rage, she has cast a spell on you-entrapping your soul within this Gothic wasteland. Now you must find a way to escape the clutches of this miserable hag.

 Luckily her oversight has provided us with some clues. You must Search far and wide and store them within your inventory via mousepad. Next time she will learn not to mess with us ever again!

 Be prepared for a Gothicsque soundtrack akin to Phantom of the Opera and an atmosphere that'll transmit you to October 31st! However, the the game is quite short and the ending is somewhat lame. Otherwise, enjoy another Halloween spooktacular!

Ratings: 4.3 Stars!

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